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November 15 2017

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❛ Casa MM ❜

Designed by: Agraz Arquitectos
Photographer: Carlos Díaz Corona


Twenty years ago, our internet couldn’t work without our phones. Today our phones can’t work without the internet.

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my photo 👌

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a journey in your eyes

by Denny Bitte

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I see everything in black, in pain..
— Claude Monet (via quotemadness)
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MY president and first lady are the cutest. But seriously if you guys haven’t tried the Good&Co personality quizzes that everyone is talking about, you are for real missing out. I got Kanye and Ellen when I took it! You guys download it and message me who you get! Unless you get Donald Trump… In that case block me 😬😂

LMAOOOO Michelle be like 💀💀

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